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How Often Does GrowJoy Update Inventory?

**Question:** How often is inventory updated? **Answer:** The answer depends on what type of plant you are asking about. We update our inventory at different periods, from Vegetables being updated weekly to Perennials updated twice per year. Should you want to get notices of new availability, we send out 'back in sto…

When Can I Order Plants For 2023?

**Question: **When can I order my plants for 2023? **Answer:** You can now preorder your plants for the 2023 Spring shipping season. You can view our available, 900+ variety selection **[here][1]**. You can check out our Spring shipping schedule **[here][2]** to see when we begin sending plants to your area. As alway…

What Does Shipping Now Mean?

**Question: **What does the 'Shipping Now' message mean? **Answer: **The 'Shipping Now' message means that individual plant is currently shipping to available states/areas. We always recommend checking your area's weather before deciding to purchase a plant to ensure a healthy and happy gardening experience. If you w…

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