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When Will My Order Ship?
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Question: When will my plant order ship from GrowJoy?


Answer: Plants marked 'Preorder for Spring Shipping' will begin shipping starting in March 2024 and will follow our Spring Shipping Schedule. We do our very best to ship orders when they are best suited for transplanting in your specific area to ensure a healthy and successful growing season. Once our season begins in March, plants marked 'Shipping Now' will be packed up and shipped throughout the week listed on our Ship Dates page. It takes an additional 1-4 days for the plants to be delivered after they leave our facility. If you would like more shipping information, or would like to see our Care & Transplanting Instructions, please visit our Ship Dates page.

Once shipped and scanned at the FedEx Hub, you will receive an email confirmation along with a tracking number. With the heat we've been experiencing around the country this growing season, it's extra important to unpack and water your plants as soon as they delivered to ensure a successful transplant.

If you have more in-depth questions regarding your order shipping, please reach out to us via the Help Desk.

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